The Testing pole provides you with a complete set of fire testing methods; to characterize the reaction to fire of you materials and assemblies.

  • For European Railway, Fire testing according to EN 45545-2, including annexes A & B for seat
  • For French Railway Fire testing according to NF F 16 101/102 and 201
  • For American Railway Fire testing according to NFPA 130 , including ASTM E 162 radiant panel
  • For Aircraft, Fire testing according to FAR 25.853 + annex F
  • For Shipping, Fire testing according to 2012 FTP codes, including EN ISO 5658-2 radiant panel
  • For Building, Fire testing according to Euroclasses, including EN 13823 SBI fire test ( CREPIM= NB 2137)
  • For cars industry, Fire testing according to NF ISO 3795/ FMVSS 302
  • For E&E equipments, Fire testing according to NF EN 60695-2-12, UL94
  • More 50 fire test method available for seats, upholstery...

We have set up different levels of offers to fit with you request of fair price, lead time and quality. Feel free to contact us for any demand. We follow the fire test evolution via the French mirror group linked to TC 127 – building and TC256 - railways

The CE marking- Construction Product Regulation –and Certification pole, to lead you on the CE marking route for you construction products

  • COFRAC accreditation ISO CEI 17065 (Accreditation 5-0571, Scope on
  • Notified Body N°2137
  • Impartiality, confidentiality, independence
  • Highly skilled team of worldwide specialists
  • A single project leader to pass all the certification steps

Our service is completely integrated, with a sole contact point, which makes the procedure easy to handle form your side.

The Development pole – it is our original activity – to support you in the development of FR formulas:

  • Formulation of materials and products to meet fire test requirements and codes
  • Development and benchmark of flame retardant solutions taking into account REACH and ROHS regulations and the end of life management of the product in order to be in line with the potential “second life” of material.
  • Assistance funding (Gvt Tax refund program "CIR")

Focus on FR resins development, Thermoplastic or thermoset, mainly based on all technologies, featuring intumescence

The Training pole to upgrade you skill regarding

  • Fireproofing chemistry and strategies - Flame retardant systems
  • Fire testing method and standardisation
  • Fire regulation
  • Control laws relating to the triptych [material-material reaction to fire]

More than 20 training sessions focused on fire: feel free to tease us for any request and become fire expert

Our history

The increasing research on materials used in the various areas leads to a strong increase in the use of organic polymers. However, the regulation evolution towards a greater fire-safety tends to control the use of many materials and imposes consequently a technological survey and permanent improvements.

In this context, CREPIM is one of the major European Laboratories for development and the approval of materials covered by fire regulations. CREPIM develops, guaranties and qualifies the fire performances of materials and assemblies for all concerned areas featuring the mass transportation sectors (railways, aircrafts and boats), in the building, electrical, and textile sectors. All these studies underlie the end of life management of the product in order to be in line with the potential “second life” of material and with the environment impact.

Its activities feature 5 areas, all focus on fire safety and material, taking into account the end of life

The laboratory works on thermoset and thermoplastic resins, on composite materials, as well as fire-retardant paints. CREPIM's aim is the development of fire-retardant materials that do not release opaque and toxic smokes.

This offer, which covers the whole chain from upstream to downstream, is unique in Europe. The board of CREPIM, which gathers academic, institutional and private own partners settles a base on which CREPIM’s teams can drain scientific knowledge to turn over upper edges services towards customers. Contracts with partners feature a large array of collaboration types, from spot testing and consulting, up to technological development and long term study.

At the beginning, the legal statutes of GIP CREPIM results from a collaboration contract made between the members of the Group and approved by a ministerial decree of August 20, 92.

This process should stop one day and our ministry decided to freeze the renewal process in 2013, so we have been working for one year, up to the dead line of the 27th of august 2014 to study different “phased” out scenarios

The scenario that has been chosen consists to gradually stop the activity of GIP and transfer assets and liabilities to a new structure, the CREPIM limited company (S.A.S. under French regulation).

The phased out balance sheet & statement of GIP CREPIM becoming the phased in balance sheet and statement of SAS CREPIM, the 27th of August 2014.

August 27- 2014 at midnight, the CREPIM Limited company has taken over all the activities previously carried by GIP CREPIM.

Nothing changes: management, teams, organization, contact point, facilities and address, - Phone, e-mail website-, all remains the same

This continuation of activity saves the job of 18 people, while remaining aligned with the original mission of GIP CREPIM.