Key player at the European level, CREPIM develops, guaranties and qualifies the fire performances of materials and assemblies

CREPIM: fire test expert

CREPIM is one of the major European Laboratories for development and the approval of materials covered by fire regulations. CREPIM (i) develops, (ii)tests and (iii) certifies the fire performances of materials and assemblies for all concerned areas featuring the mass transportation sectors (railways, aircrafts and boats), in the building, electrical, and textile sectors. This activity is carried out in an Environmentally-Friendly way taking into account the end-of-life product.

Market is reactive, you should be reactive, CREPIM is reactive

Our organisation features four poles: (i) Development and (ii) testing pole, (iii) CE marking- Construction Product Regulation –and Certification pole and (iv) training pole, all focus on fire chemistry and testing . The whole team includes 20 people, featuring chemists for a large part (Msc, doctors and senior scientists)

The Development pole – it is our original activity – to support you in the development of FR formulas

The Testing pole – to get a direct access to market

The CE marking- Construction Product Regulation –and Certification pole includes the following tasks:

The Training pole includes the following tasks:

Control laws on the triptych [material-equipment-fire reaction]

CREPIM: worldwide fire test and fire expertise

CREPIM: an organization focused on flexibility and technical knowledge

This offer, which covers the whole chain from upstream to downstream, is unique in Europe. The board of CREPIM, which gathers academic, institutional and private own partners settle a base on which CREPIM’s teams can drain scientific knowledge to turn over upper edges services towards customers. Contracts with partners feature a large array of collaboration types, from spot testing and consulting, up to technological development and long term study.

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Tuesday 23 august 2016

Thank you for your continuing flow of information request, and we apology for the delay in replying. We met some malfunctioning with the communication between our mail boxes and our internet web site. Our webmaster works on this issue and the problem is linked to a new firewall we bought in June, which retains more e-mails than he should. This issue concerns only mail send via our website at “contact” area.

This delay does not correspond to the quality of service we offer generally. While waiting for stabilizing situation; please do not hesitate to tease us directly at

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CREPIM teams


CREPIM recognized by SWS Certification

Wednesday 04 may 2016

CREPIM is now recognized as an approval supplier to SWS Certification Service Ltd for fire testing. There is a new step ahead to help our customer to diversify their product towards aircraft business. It is our duty to help you and feel free to tease us for any enquiries regarding R&D, or fire tests.

CREPIM will be in @ railways interior expo 2017

Monday 15 february 2016

CREPIM will be in @ railways interior expo 2017, in Prague, Czeck Republic, the 16 th and 17 th of November 2017

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